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Uppal Overseas is a renowned Immigration & visa consultation consultancy ,directed by Mr Somil Uppal a veteran who knows first-hand from his own experience about the various hurdles candidates face in the process of applying abroad. Uppal Overseas commenced its operations way back in 2012 with an intent to help the candidates of visa & immigration to make their dreams & aspirations come true by not only supervising but also supporting them throughout the path of grinding visa-submission procedure via eradicating all the stress involved in it and getting the formalities completed in a systematic & hassle free manner.

At Uppal Overseas we have flourished in providing immigration consultation and visa services related to various matters of immigration such as student visa, tourist visa , work permit , temporary /permanent residency and family /spousal sponsorships.We make sure our service is up to the mark and no compromise is made. Over the years, our office workers have gained experience through the various stumbling blocks involved in work and we have successfully built a team of highly devoted and knowledgeable consultants.You can rest assured that at each and every step of immigration and visa processing our team of visa consultants would be there to guide and support you ,be it regarding which college to choose, how to go about the finances or documentation so on and so forth.

Visa submission involves a sensitive process where even a minor loop hole or delay can cause the client huge financial cost, wastage of time as we well as disappointment.We consider it our professional responsibility to avoid any mistakes in visa submission and to do so we conduct one to one interaction sessions between our immigration and visa experts and our clients.Our experts then accordingly prepare the file of the clients after reviewing and analysing each case carefully before presenting it to respective immigration bodies, thereby maintaining the confidence of the client.

Uppal Overseas aims at building a brighter and prosperous future for the students by finding the students their education all across the world. Top destinations for students include Australia, Canada, Europe , NewZealand, United Kingdom and USA . We have 165 plus universities who have entrusted us as representatives. As per the experience and background of the students ,we support the students in planning and arranging for their overseas education.We assist the students in choosing their college and course , scholarships options , fee, credits and country. Hence the students and their guardians are given proper knowledge and information about the overseas education and the process for the same . Also, we provide complete guidance about the banks and financial firms from where they can get the necessary educations loan.

It gives us immense pleasure in stating that we have come a long way and completed a journey of 6 years with 800 plus happy customers, 300 tourist visas and 200 student visas so far. We focus on providing customer centric solutions which are globally deliverable and cost effective.

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